Expanding Pain Management Care: HyperBlue Laser Therapy

Pain is never the same from one person to another. No one feels things in quite the same way, and what may work for one body may not work for another. Of course, this can make addressing pain quite challenging at times. Fortunately, advances in laser technology are helping provide Pain Management Clinics with alternative, effective treatment methods to help patients eliminate stiffness, muscle and joint pain, and general soft tissue problems. The HyperBlue PLUS is a fast, easy way to improve the lives of your patients while benefiting your practice.

Laser Away Pain

Pain is an ordinary part of life, but living with consistent pain isn’t normal. It’s what brings patients in seeking pain management care—they are looking for noninvasive, effective solutions for dealing with all kinds of discomfort. Laser therapy is an alternative solution that can help round out a treatment plan, offering quick and effective relief.

The powerful HyperBlue PLUS laser targets specific trigger points in the body, allowing you to pinpoint the areas that need it. The laser stimulates the targeted tissue, improving relaxation and blood circulation. This, in turn, offers relief from stiffness, joint pain, and muscle problems. With just a few treatments, you can dramatically improve a patient’s comfort and help with healing injuries like strained muscles, chronically stiff joints, and even arthritis issues.

How the HyperBlue Works

The HyperBlue PLUS laser is an FDA-approved machine that uses 30 watts of power to deliver targeted laser treatment. You can set the laser to a number of pre-set therapy protocols to best fit your individual patient’s need. You can also adjust the size of the targeted area with the economic probes to provide more accurate care. The laser light stimulates the tissue, relaxing it and relieving pain. Over a series of treatments, you can help stimulate natural healing in the tissues through improved circulation while alleviating the immediate discomfort.

Benefits of Laser Therapy

The procedure is quick, easy, and has no known side effects. You can treat a single area of the body in a short appointment. The therapy does take a series of treatments to have long-lasting effects, though, and each patient’s needs will vary with their unique pain. Best of all, because the process is noninvasive, there is no recovery time after receiving laser therapy. Your patients are able to return to their daily activities and busy schedule.

Because the procedure is quick, convenient, and offers fast relief, the HyperBlue PLUS not only benefits patients, but it also offers an additional opportunity for revenue for Pain Management Clinics. The laser itself is a small, portable machine, allowing it to be moved easily between exam rooms or even between office locations, so you can use a single machine to treat more patients. If you’re looking for a simple way to offer effective, safe, alternative treatments to round-out a patient’s pain relief plan, the HyperBlue PLUS may be what you need.

More Options to Help Patients

As a Pain Management Physician, you help people living in pain. You don’t want to just put a figurative bandage on the problem and treat the symptoms, you want to get to the root so the discomfort is not only eliminated, but is also less likely to return. The HyperBlue Plus laser is one more tool in your arsenal of therapies to offer you patients a noninvasive, simple, easy solution to their problems. Contact Hyperion Medical for more information about the laser and how you can add one to your practice. You can reach us through our website, by e-mailing info@hyperionmed.com, or by calling (877) 275-8760.

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